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Holland Park

Holland Park Did you know that Holland Park, located at 100 N Albion St, Albion MI 49224, spans over 17 acres of freedom-filled greenery? It’s your ticket to an adventure, offering you a break from the bustling city life. You’ll find this park to be your haven, as it’s steeped in history and filled with

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Rieger Park

Rieger Park Did you know that Rieger Park spans over 20 acres of unspoiled land? You’ll find the freedom you desire in this expansive green space located in Albion, Michigan. It’s a place where you’re encouraged to roam freely, breathe in the fresh air, and appreciate the beauty of nature. You can stroll along the

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Victory Park

Victory Park Like a bird soaring through wide open skies, you’ll find ultimate freedom on the Victory Park Albion River Trail in Albion, MI 49224. This lush haven is your passport to serene landscapes, invigorating fresh air, and the tranquil sounds of nature. You’ll be entranced by the verdant scenery, the gentle murmur of the

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Bohm Theatre

Bohm Theatre Imagine the Bohm Theatre as your personal time machine, whisking you away on cinematic adventures. You’re not just a movie-goer here, but a freedom seeker, thirsting for captivating stories and diverse cultures. Dating back to 1929, this historic venue in Albion, Michigan has been a sanctuary for film lovers and an emblem of

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